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How to download youtube video or watch videos offline

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How to download youtube videos

Youtube is the default video streaming platform for almost everyone with internet access. We watch movie trailers, live events, comedy and tutorials or web series and wants to download those videos. Youtube is the home to it. You don’t always have access to WiFi or data connection, and in such situations, the ability to watch youtube videos offline comes in handy.

You should download videos only when the creator allows it, and make sure that you are not violating any youtube policy & copyright when doing, so please ensure that you use this feature and ensure not to breaking any laws. Here’s how you can download youtube videos on your mobile or desktop or offline viewing.

Now let’s get started. How to download Youtube videos?

Method 1: Download videos using the official youtube app.

The youtube app for Android and IOS allows users to download videos and watch it on the official app provided the videos are not private and the creator allows it.

Follow these steps:

1: Open Youtube on your phone and search for the videos you would want to download.

2: Next tap the three vertical dots. As bellow in Picture.

3: Next to the video you want to watch and tap the download

4: After this, you’ll be asked to select the video quality you can also set the app to remember your settings for future downloads following this your video will start downloading in the background.

4: In case you’re watching a video and you want to save it for offline viewing, just tap the download the button below the video title in this case as well Youtube will ask you to choose the video quality finally one the download is complete.

You’ll see a view button at the bottom tap on it and you will be taken to your offline Youtube downloads page in the app.

Method 2: Download video using youtube Go app

1: Download the Youtube go app on your android smartphone from google play store

2: Once downloaded open the app and search for the video you want to save for offline viewing.

3: Next tap on the video you seek to download doing so will open a window that will let you select between data favoured standard quality and high-quality options choose the video quality.

4: Press the download button. Unlike the standard youtube app, you can’t select the video resolution in youtube go app, once the download is complete go back to the home page and tap on downloads bottom to see the views you have downloaded.

Method 3: Download youtube videos using SnapTube

1: Download the snaptube app from android and install it.

2: Once downloaded open the app and tap on the youtube-icon present in the top row of icons to pent a youtube app interface.

3: Next search for the video you want to download and top on it.

4: Once the videos start playing tap on the yellow download icon int he bottoms right corner of the screen

5: Tapping the button opens a window where you can choose the video resolution

6: The select preferred resolution, edit the file name and change the download path if you wish, and finally tap the download button to save the video.

7: Unlike youtube, the video is downloaded by snaptube are saved in the phones local storage and can be shared as a file on apps or as an attachment without any issues.


If you want to save download the videos and wants to share with others as attachments or by using any sharing app I will suggest SnapTube for this purpose. Otherwise, if you don’t like third party apps just download Youtube Go app and save videos for offline streaming.

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