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how to do the renegade dance

how to do reneganda dance

The Famous Dance which is trending nowadays is “Renegade dance”. This is the 15-second dance which is tending nowadays on TikTok and other social media apps, where people are dancing on the song “Lottery” by K camp.

In this dance upper body movements are involved in “Renegade dance” which should put together in each move. As dance is learned, people will usually proceed to share post while dancing of them.

Step 1:

Clap in Smooth way, and hit the Woah. While Woah, you should one arm down and another little bent up. Switch these movements. See in Picture.

Step 2:

step 2 (

Make Figure-eight with both hands. Use your both hands swing in the way as they make circles of eight. As see in picture

Step 3:

step 3 (

Make a Wave. just like doing the worm. make a wave-like worm movement. extends it through your arm to other arms. do the same in reverse. as seen in the picture.

Step 4:

step 4 (

Create “X-Formation.” Cross both your forearms together like making an “X.” Move your hands upwards so that the back of your hands should touch each other, and then move your hands back to its initial position and slap you elbows using hands.

Step 5:

step 5 (

Put you both hands up in front of you. (like in the picture) Just like you are avoiding or stopping someone. your palms should be facing away from you or should opposite to you.

Step 6:

step 6 (

Swing both of your arms and snap like in the picture. By keeping your hands in fists, swing one arm from one side to another and do so on the other side.

Step 7:

step 7 (

Lean onto front, side, and then back. Keeping your arms parallel with fists ar your both shoulders, lean your body in front, then lean side, and then lean back concurrently by crossing your both arms in front of you.

Step 8:

step 8 (

Push three times outwards. Your face one side , and using both hands with flat palms facing upward and elbows should touching your waist, swing your arms backward. Push your hands out in front of you. Then repeat this step, but one thing in mind , your hands should closer to your shoulder. From this position, you will be able to move your hands above your head and back down to your shoulders with your palms facing down toward the earth.

Step 9:

Snap Twice and dab. Snap with your one hand while moving it away from your body. Then Snap with another hand while moving it away from your body too. And then Dab again.

Step 10:

Swing your arm and cover your face (i.e.: while you do during cough) while rolling your head back. Swing your one arm in front of you By keeping it parallel to the ground. Roll your head back at the part where the song goes to “Woo” Part while covering your face with your both hands Like you do during sneezing.

Step 11:

Push your Both hands outwards and breathe out. Breathe out while pushing both hands one by one away from your face at the part of the song where it goes “Ahh”. Do this step only twice, one time with each hand.

Step 12:

Pop your hips, as you see in the picture. Place your hands behind your head and pop your hip two times to the beat. Move your hand from behind your heat toward your waist, crossed to the beat. Pop your hip once and then uncross both arms, by keeping your hands on the core and pop your hip again. Move one hand behind your head, while keeping the other one on your hip and pop your hip again and again.

Repeat these steps again and again, you will become pro of renegade dance.

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