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how to do a poll on facebook

facebook poll

If you can find out information without any difficulty you create a poll on Facebook. A poll on Facebook is not fun it helps you to find out information easily.

Creating a poll regardless if you have a business page or just interact with family and friends on a person page.

Create a Poll on a Personal or Business Page

There are a few steps you can create a poll on a person or business page;

Log in your Facebook account.

Select the create post box, Which says, ”What on your mind”?

If you access a Facebook on the web browser you can click on ellipsis access the full menu. Then, scroll down you see a poll icon click on it. If you can use on mobile App you just scroll down until you can see a poll.

Enter a option on option box such as chicken.

Select the duration of the poll you have a four options;

  • 1 Day
  • 1 weak
  • Never
  • custom

Select the one option which you want to poll at the end of date. If you select the custom option then click OK.

You can also write a question or statement on a post box such as, ”What would you rather have at a cookout”?

In the last, select post option to post your poll.

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