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How to do a Netflix party

how to make Netflix party

Now, these pandemic time social distancing is very important to protect others. In this time many people miss all of the group activities in which they watch movies with friends & family but there is the easiest way to watch movie online at the same time when your one friend watch a movie. Netflix Party is an app where you watch movies and chat together at the same time. Let’s Grab further how you can do Netflix Party

Here, how it can work you and your’s friend log in to separate Netflix account at the same time. Pick a movie or a show to watch then Netflix sync playback across your account so, you can watch the same movie at the same time from your individual account. Netflix’s party also includes chat function so, you and your friend react and chat at the same time.

To host Netflix Party process:

open up Netflix and start playing a video to start netflix party

The Netflix party icon next to your address bar should have changed from gray to red. Click On it.

A window will appear on your screen instructing to create a ”Netflix party” click ”Start the party”

Next, another window will appear a pop up with a Link ”copy URL” and share it with your friends.

Then click on Netflix party extension icon so, the automatically gives you icon. By clicking the icon you can change their name using other names or as well as your nickname.

how to do Netflix party
How to do Netflix party

To join an existing Netflix Party:

Click on the Link. Google Chrome browser

Click on the Netflix party.

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